Convert printed bank statements to CSV

Has your client dumped 4 years of bank statements onto you?

Do you need to get the data for forensic accounting?

Only got a few months of previous bank transactions? Need more?

Let Jet sort this out. Upload your scanned bank statements below.

Then import CSV/OFX into your preferred accounting software.

Scan and upload your PDF

Automated with QA checks performed

Bank Statements Conversion Service

Don’t spend hours on data entry!
This happened! Client uploaded 280 pages of bank statements. Received csv/ofx back within 1 hour.

They proceeded to do the previous 4 years of the tax returns in no time.


Pricing for Bank Statements

$110 for first 20 bnk statement pages. Then $2.20 for each additional page. (Inc GST)


Pricing for Other Documents such as Data Printouts

Conversion services are charged at $66 per hour. Call to discuss.

How does Jet Bank statement conversions work?

  • Upload zipped/pdf files

    Scan or download statements
    Combine multiple pdf files to single zip file
    Upload pdf/zip

  • We count pages, you pay

    Our automated process counts pages, asks for payment, does the automated OCR.

  • Our staff perform a QA check

    Our trained staff review the output, make any manual adjustments needed to pass all the automated checks.

  • Receive your data files

    Receive csv and ofx files and conversion report. Now import into your accounting system.


Why Jet Bank Statement Service?

We’ve been providing a beautiful conversion service in accounting software to Australian customers for the past 5 years. Many clients needed to fill a bankfeed gap.

Bookkeepers then asked for an extended service. We’ve combined Artificial Intelligence plus Human Intelligence to provide a cost effective solution!

Can I speak to support?



Australia ph 1800 77 00 35

International  ph +(61) 7 5334 1222

AEST (Queensland) hours 9am – 5pm, Mon to Friday

Why do we have to manually check?

OCR is only good to about 97% on text. You don’t want a 3% error rate in accounting! Just imagine if that $19.26 was $1926.

Fine Print: This service is for bank statements. We reserve the right to not accept a job, or revise the price, for damaged or badly marked PDFs, or for other financial statements submitted. We will notify you if we have to resort to manual data input.

How to get started?

Contact us now to discuss our service, or read how to prepare the pdf file on the Frequently Asked Questions page.