Jet Partner Support Packages

Some partners choose to outsource services for efficiency and best practice. Jet Convert provides Starter, Premium Economy and Business Class packages in addition to a free data conversion service for accounting professionals. Designed to free you up from the day-to-day tedium associated with moving files onto the cloud, these packages enable you to focus on the things that matter most – your clients and the value they receive from you.


All our staff from developers to phone and support are Xero Certified. Our trainers are both certified in Xero and hold a Certificate IV in training. You can be confident you have the best resources you need. Package upgrades and downgrades are OK with us. (Try that with Jetstar or Tiger Air). You choose. We deliver.

Xero sponsors free conversions of MYOB and Reckon for Australian businesses.

In the automated conversion process you get:

  • A mirror image of your MYOB or Reckon into a new Xero organisation.
  • All transactions for the current and previous financial year.
  • All Accounts, Contacts, Lists, and Employees.
  • Bank transactions, reconciled or not depending on state in desktop file.
  • Up to 100 Jobs (MYOB only).
  • Payroll set up ready to continue working in Xero.
  • Up to 3 business day delivery from old to new (5 business days for Reckon).

More than 1 client conversion per month?

Like to outsource this specialized service? Jet will manage it for you?

Compare our partner support services below.

What's Included Starter Fare
$149 p/m
Premium Economy
$299 p/m
Business Class
$699 p/m


(Before converting your file)
Who is it best suited to? 1- 2 conversions per month - Make my day easier Up to 5 conversions per month - Don't distract me from our core business Up to 20 conversions per month - Outsource conversion management & client start-up to the experts (Jet)*
Pre-conversion telephone support
Automated check Jet Convert fixes all issues
Pre converson file check report
1:1 review of files


(During the conversion)
Standard full conversion as Sponsored by Xero
Conversion concierge service
Additional history
Monthly Comparative Balances (Windows MYOB files only)
$49 value
Additional 2 financial years of data
(if available in file)
$110 for one year
$220 for two years
MYOB AccountEdge Conversion
(external charge) $220
10% discount
10% discount
20% discount

Inflight Snacks

(During the conversion)
File fixes
$220 each
Up to 1 fixes free per month Up to 3 fixes free per month Up to 5 free fixes per month
Verification errors fix
$220 each
See above See above See above
Multiple Locations fix
$220 each
See above See above See above
File size reduction service
$220 each
See above See above See above
Application of Xero promo code See above See above See above

Safe Landing

(Post conversion)
Post-conversion data support Phone call back Phone call back Phone call back
20 minute data review in Xero per conversion

Happy travels

(Using the new Xero orgs)
Ongoing Xero & data support Phone call back Phone call back Phone call back
1:1 Xero coaching sessions for Practice staff
Normally $149 each
1 per month Up to 2 per month Tailored to meet your needs
Training of business clients
Xero intro
BAS preparation
$149 per session Up to 2 per month Tailored to meet your needs
Monthly Xero checklists
Monthly Business Review 1:1 with Practice Management
Click on Link to select Package Starter Fare Premium Economy Business Class

The fine print

  • Jet Services are paid for one month in advance by direct debit.
  • If you are not immediately satisfied and decide to cancel within the first 30 days, your payment will be fully refunded. We are that confident of our value to you and your end clients. Unlike budget airlines.
  • You can change your service level at each month’s renewal. We ask you give us 3 days notice.
  • If you decide to cancel, let us know prior to the renewal date and we will cancel all subscriptions. Any time, no questions. We will be sorry to see you go, and will look to improve our service. We know that Partner needs will change – your customers may have all migrated to the cloud.
  • Fair use policy applies.
  • For more than 20 conversions per month, contact Jet Convert