Bank Statements

Convert printed bank statements to CSV

Our service will convert bank statement PDFs into and editable CSV for use as a spreadsheet, as well as OFX for upload into Xero.   As long as the statements are English language based, human eye legible and single currency we can take care of getting them into electronic format for you. 

 Pricing for Bank Statements

AU $110 for first 20 bank statement pages.  Then $2.20 for each additional page. (Inc GST)

How do I get started?

  1. Assemble your pdf files.
  2. Upload using the Green Upload your PDF button below.
  3. The initial page count and can take minutes or up to a day depending on number of pages.
  4. You will receive an email to pay for the job.  Reply to the email if you do not wish to continue with the conversion having viewed the price to be charged.
  5. To continue, pay for the conversion. 
  6. The conversion will take up to 3 business days, it can be longer for large jobs over 100 pages.
  7. Your CSV, OFX and completion report will be emailed to you.


Email: or read how to prepare the pdf file in our FAQs.