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The Quickest, Easiest, Most Cost-Effective Way

To Transfer Your Accounts to Xero ...

So You Can Start Enjoying the Powerful Features
of Australia’s Most Popular Accounting Platform


The Preferred Conversion Partners for More Than 40,000+ Companies Including

Upgrade Your Accounts To Xero

Without The Time Or Headaches Of Doing It Yourself

Get Peace Of Mind

Avoid Lost Data, Inaccuracies, And Time Delays

Leverage Xero's Power

Use Your Data To Create Powerful Business Intelligence

Looking for the Best Way to Transfer Your Accounts to Xero?

There’s a good reason Xero is Australia’s most popular account platform. It’s packed with powerful features to help you manage, monitor and grow your business. 
But transitioning from a desktop software program can be tricky if you’ve never done
it before.

  • Unsure About How To Start?
    Like many business owners, are you wondering where to start, and how to make the transition to Xero quick, easy and hassle-free?
  • Unsure About The Conversion Process?
    Have you been looking at different options (including doing it yourself) but now feel confused about the best way to go?
  • Not Sure How To Use Xero Yet?
    Perhaps you’re concerned about the learning curve involved in mastering a new accounting system, and wondering what support is available to help you get up and running
  • Just Want Convenience, Speed, And Accuracy?
    And like most business owners are you looking for the quickest, easiest, most cost-effective way to transfer to Xero, so you can start enjoying the powerful features of Australia’s most popular accounting platform, in less than one week?
The good news? We’ve helped over 40,000 businesses overcome these problems using our easy-to-use, state-of-the-art conversion platform. Can we help you, too?


The team at Jet Convert has helped more than 40,000 accountants, bookkeepers and their clients successfully convert to Xero over the past 5 years. Every month we convert up to 1.2 million+ transactions, 10,000+ employees and 750,000+ contacts.

Our Process Is Easy And Includes ...

A Premium Conversion Service

Through our partnership with Xero, our Premium Conversions are heavily subsidised.

Fast Turnaround

Our advanced automated process converts all your data to Xero in just 3-5 business days - guaranteed.

Safe And Private

Your information is safe with the world’s leading security and audit trail.

Unmatched Accuracy

Our Quality Assurance includes automated tests and manual checks for 100% accuracy.

Premium Support

We offer extensive support before, during and after conversion depending on the level of service you choose.

Comprehensive Training

If you need it, we’ll provide access to a leading Xero practitioner to guide and assist you on your way.

Here’s How Our Process Helps You:




Prepare Your

We’ll provide some pre-conversion recommendations prior to uploading your file, so you get the best performance from Xero.


Upload Your

Simply upload your file via our website. Quick tip: Don’t start a Xero org… we’ll take care of that for you.


Choose The
Best Conversion

You have the option to choose from three of our conversion packages, depending on how you wish to use your data in Xero.



We convert
your data

We perform an automated conversion to Xero using our sophisticated transfer processes (no manual or double handling data). Please note our package options below.


We Check For

We carry out extensive automatic testing (using a range of 12 proprietary reports) and manual checking to ensure accuracy and quality control



You get an
action checklist

You get an Action Checklist with an analysis of your data and recommended next steps including
fixes that we have identified (so you can fix things easily and quickly).



Your conversion
is complete and
you can Get
Started in Xero

Your conversion is complete! You’re able to log into your Xero account and see your data.
Depending on your conversion package, you’ll be able to access historic data and access previous
customer, supplier and stock information.

Choose Your Conversion Package



Start Your Xero Journey
With Maximum Benefits
To Your Business


Great For Advanced
Reporting & Business
Intelligence Data


Great For A Seamless &
Fast System Change
On A Budget

*Subsidised by Xero

Basic Conversion Features

Basic Conversion Features, Inc.
Transaction History Or Balances Only

Additional Audit Trail (In Case An Audit Requires You To Search For Old Files)

Compatibility With Your Old Accounting Platform

Queue-Jump Priority

Front-Of-Queue Conversion Priority


Historical Data Import (For Growth Analysis)

Track Trends & Performance
From Year To Year

Maximise Detailed Invoice History

Access Additional Customer,
Supplier And  Stock Information

Take Advantage Of Xero’s
Advanced Analysis Features
To Compare Past Data

Business Accelerator Conversion Options

Get Large Files
350MB-800MB Converted

Fixing Your Files

Get Your File’s Verification
Errors Fixed

Your Investment, Per Conversion

AU $330


AU $110




* Xero subsidises every conversion by $220

Choose Your Premium Conversion Package

All Jet Convert Xero Conversions Include:

  • check-white Chart of Accounts as per source file
  • check-white Contacts - customers, suppliers, employees
  • check-white History for current financial year and previous financial year if the file permits and the transactional service is selected
  • check-white Includes all invoices, orders, bills, payments, journals, bank account transactions
  • check-white Items, attributes such as quantities not brought across
  • check-white Open bills and invoices (depending on conversion package)
  • check-white Matching Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable
  • check-white Tax (GST) matching
  • check-white Jobs and Classes (up to 100)
  • check-white Payroll
  • check-white Opening balances of all payroll including pay, deductions and entitlements
  • check-white Employee pay templates, pay items, up to 20 active employees
  • check-white All set up to do end of year payroll

What Other Accountants, Bookkeepers And Businesses Say

Here’s what some of the 40,000 accountants, bookkeepers and their clients have to say about their
experience converting to Xero with Jet Convert :

” Having worked closely with Jet Convert over the years completing many successful conversions from other systems to utilising Xero, we were interested when they announced a new service that would act aspre-conversion diagnostic. The information received is in a descriptive, logical, easy to understand format that enables organisations to develop a detailed action plan in order to be best prepared for a smooth transition at conversion. “

Luke Kennedy

Production Manager,
We are Waypoint

” It was awesome! Converted the same client’s file to Xero and Reckon at the same time. Client looked at both and went with Xero.
Process was much smoother than Reckon, more data came across. Loved it. Will have more clients to use Jet Convert in the future. “

Scott Elsom

General Manager,
All Sorted Business Services

” We have used the MYOB to Xero
conversion with Jet Convert numerous times as a great way to move our clients to Xero. Our only complaint was that often the MYOB chart was not properly set up. With the Advanced Practice offering by Jet Convert that problem is now eliminated, making moving clients to Xero a completely stress free undertaking.
A great service at great value. “

Kathryn Harris



Why Jet Convert is the Preferred Conversion Specialist for More than 40,000 Companies

Completely endorsed by Xero, the Jet Conversion Engine simplifies even the most complex Xero conversions using advanced formulas and processes to make it super-simple to get business-growing performance from your Xero data.
Here’s a brief analysis of some of the things that make us different:

Xero Endorsed & Sponsored

Through our partnership with Xero, your Basic Conversion is Free, and Premium Conversions are heavily subsidised.

Fast Turnaround Time

Our advanced automated process converts all your data to Xero quickly and efficiently... in speeds ranging form 2-3 hours up to 3-5 business days (depending on the nature of your conversion)


Our Quality Assurance includes automated tests and manual checks for accuracy


Your information is safe with the world’s leading security and audit trail

Premium Support

We offer extensive support before, during and after conversion depending on the level of service you choose


We have successfully helped more than 38,000 businesses convert to Xero over the past 5+ years

Ready to Convert to Xero Accurately, Securely and Easily in as Little as Just 3-5 Business Days?

When Jet Convert can help you convert to Xero quickly, easily, accurately and securely, most Xero Advisors feel it’s just not worth the time, effort and risks of trying to do it yourself, especially when you need to?


(don't worry about all of the frustrating details every conversion needs)


(move to the Cloud and say "goodbye" to your old desktop software...)

Wasting Your Time

(avoid wasting your valuable time on low hourly rate work)

Jet Convert has helped more than 40,000 accountants, bookkeeper and their clients convert to Xero quickly, easily, accurately and securely. Let us help you too.