Prices for Jet Convert Conversion Services

Jet Convert offers three conversion packages so you can select between them depending on the business needs.

  1. Standard
  2. Insight
  3. Accelerate

All conversion packages are subsidized by Xero in Australia, New Zealand and the USA so that they are reduced in price to you.

The STANDARD package is free of charge and includes:

Optional extras

The following premium options are available for a small fee.

  • Additional financial years of transactional data if the desktop software has not been rolled or purged (choose ACCELERATE for AU $330)
  • Australian Macintosh MYOB AccountEdge files as part of the ACCELERATE package for AU $330
  • Monthly comparatives in the P&L and balance sheets as part of both the INSIGHT (AU $110) and ACCELERATE (AU $330) packages
  • Large files 350MB – 800MB as part of the ACCELERATE package for AU $330
  • More than 100 paid employees as part of the ACCELERATE package for AU $330
  • MYOB multi-locations or Verification file fixes as part of the ACCELERATE package for AU $330
  • Custom Chart of Accounts AU $150 (service only available to partners who do multiple conversions)
  • Reconversion of the same file AU $220
  • All prices are based on Australian dollars (GST inclusive for Australian businesses)




Jet Convert has teamed up with leading Xero consultants to offer post conversion training and support.  To request more information please fill out the form on our Training page.

The fine print

  • Premium Conversion Services are paid prior to transfer of the subscription to you.
  • For more than 20 conversions per month, contact Jet Convert.