Bank Statements to CSV

What do you convert

  • Downloaded PDF statements from your bank account.
  • PDF statements that may have been emailed to you.
  • Printed statements that were received via the post, and are scanned carefully into a pdf file.
  • The cleaner the bank statements (no pen marks), and the better the scan, the faster the files will be converted.

How to Prepare the file for upload

  • Get all the statements together that you want converted.
  • Try to make them in the right order. (We will convert and provide them in statement and page order)
  • Omit pages that are just marketing or “fillers”. Do not remove front page or any page with any transactions on them.
  • Do not cut and glue together disparate pages to save money.  The automated system scans pages and will highlight when pages are missing.
  • Combine multiple PDF files in a single zip file.
  • Keep one bank account statement for one bank account. Do not combine bank accounts into a single PDF, but it is ok to combine multiple bank accounts into a single zip file.


What is the Overall Process

  1. Assemble your pdf files.
  2. Upload using the link on the Bank Statements Page.
  3. The initial page count and OCR can take minutes or up to a day depending on number of pages.
  4. You will receive an email to pay for the job.
  5. Pay for the conversion.
  6. Sit back and wait for your completed job. Our guaranteed service level is up to 3 business days (Can be longer for large files.)
  7. Your csv, ofx invoice, and completion report will be emailed to you.