Jobs / Categories / Classes

Jobs, Classes and Categories come across in all conversions if there are less than 100.  You can receive up to 500 Jobs / Classes / Categories under the ACCELERATE premium package.

1. For MYOB files we use the total of Jobs (active, inactive and header Jobs) + Categories to calculate the total number of Jobs / Categories.
2. Xero does not recommend more than about a 100 or so due to potential reporting performance issues.
3. We convert into tracking categories and not ‘Projects’.

  • If you have a large number >500 it is recommended to use a marketplace App or the Projects function in Xero may provide improved functionality.
  • If you have more than 500 active / inactive, we recommend that you remove the extra ones in the source file to ensure jobs are converted.
  • If a file has more than 500 then the file is converted but Jobs / Classes / Categories are not.

Xero Constraints

There can be only 2 active Tracking Categories and 2 inactive in Xero. They are created as a Tracking Categories called Job or Category in Xero. Each Job/Category is created as an option, so that they are accessible for future transactions. 

Details of Category / Job Conversions

  • Descriptions are not brought across.
  • Any transaction line that we migrate to Xero gets the correct tracking option applied to it. Where categories are used in MYOB, we assign a category to each transaction line in that transaction, rather than the transaction itself as done in MYOB.
  • In Quickbooks, we do not convert tags associated with customers.
  • Categories and Options in Xero need to be unique so where there are multiple classes or jobs in the source file these are mapped to unique options within Xero.
  • Opening balances are not created in Xero, the tracking commences at conversion date. You can add manual journals if you require opening balances in Xero.
  • Header jobs will have $0 balances as they are not linked to other Category options in Xero. To manage this moving forward you can set up Tracking categories with Category options:
  • Xero support centre – using tracking categories

Please contact us to discuss.