Ledger Conversions

What Are Ledgers and What Can you Convert?

Accounting firms use “Practice Management Software” which normally has a Ledger for each business, and then a range of workflow management, document managing, specialist tax products that integrate all these into a suite of software.
Jet Convert can convert bulk ledgers providing that a Trial Balance (multiple dates) can be exported as a CSV or Excel.

Globally there are a large number of ledger based systems and Jet Convert will be able to convert if you can extract full trial balances.

What is Needed for conversion

  • Exported CSV for each organisation – can have multiple financial years (or months).
  • A Master Chart of Accounts (code number, code name, tax code, Reporting Code, and values).
  • A Control file that includes Ledger name, Financial year, Number of years of CSV, Type of organisation, and some fields used for automated testing.
  • Any number of chart of accounts files for the different type of organisation.
  • Values in the Control file that can be checked against the new Xero Ledger to ensure accuracy.

Please note that we require a minimum of 500 ledger files to be converted.  We will quote you upon receiving some sample CSVs.


  • Download a subset of the Trial Balances for each of the financial years and combine into a single csv for the multiple years.
  • Prepare a standard Chart of Accounts for use in Xero.
  • Provide access into your practice ledgers to convert the files into ledgers.
  • Test a limited number of organisations in the conversion to ensure all the right data is brought into Xero.
  • Run the full conversion on all ledgers.