MYOB – AU versions converted

  • AccountRight Live
  • Account Right Standard, Plus, Premier (V19.3 & previous)
  • Account Edge (additional fee will apply) ver 18 or lower
  • AccountRight Enterprise if it has been used for multiple users
    • We cannot convert MYOB Enterprise if used for multi-locations or multi-currency
  • Must be single currency – we cannot convert multi-currency files
  • Up to 800 MB in size (unzipped), over 350MB a fee will apply (this refers to the native MYOB file, the back up or zipped file will show a smaller size as it is compressed)
  • AccountRight Live
  • Account Right Standard, Plus, Premier
  • There are tax codes other than standard tax codes (AU=0, 10%, NZ=12.5, 15%) percent although you may be able to take action in the MYOB file to address this.
  • Old versions of MYOB. Versions prior to 2012 are difficult. E.g. MYOB First Accounts needs to be upgraded to AccountRight 2013, and then can be upgraded to version 19.13. Please upgrade old files to a at least 2012 version. Some upgrades may require the file to be rolled, and then historical transaction data is removed by the upgrade.
  • We bring across jobs/categories if there are less than 500 in the MYOB file. If there are more than 100 jobs a fee will apply.
  • Versions of AccountEdge including version 17 have some features that do prevent conversion to Xero. For example we may not be able to convert your MAC file if you have used deposits against orders and there are orders with multiple deposits applied.
  • MYOB Essentials
  • MYOB Just Invoices
  • MYOB Advanced, EXO, AO and PayGlobal
  • Files over 800MB in size
  • Multi-currency
  • Files with negative inventory – more information here.

Wherever possible we try to deliver the conversion with full transactional history as promised.  On occasions, if the following transaction types occur extensively we may only be able to provide a service with no or reduced history.

In some instances it may prevent us from being able to complete the conversion at all.  If this occurs we will endeavor to advise you as soon as possible.

Manual journals to control accounts – Xero does not allow journals to control accounts. Where we encounter these transactions we use the conversion clearing account to replicate these journals in Xero.  However extensive use of journalling to control accounts is outside the scope of our automated service and we will advise if we encounter this in your file and the options available.

Tracked inventory – Xero does not manage tracked inventory the same way as QB does. We use monthly manual journals to balance these transactions out.  However if we encounter a large volume of complex tracked inventory transactions it falls outside the automated service.  We will advise if we encounter this in your file and the options available.

Multiple Accounts Receivable or Payable Accounts – Review your chart of accounts to see if there are multiple Accounts Receivable or Payable accounts. Xero only allows for one system Account for each Accounts Receivable / Accounts Payable. If there are many, or complex, AR / AP accounts in the MYOB file we will not be able to complete the conversion.