MYOB – Rolling & Purging Files Warning

MYOB Purging and Rolling Feature

There are two separate file types of MYOB files. One (myo files) are the desktop files found in AccountRight Premier, the Macintosh versions of Account Edge and other desktop versions.  The other type is from AccountRight Live (confusing – can be either desktop or online.) Users have been encouraged to migrate from the desktop versions of MYOB to the Live versions. There are 3 situations possible.

  1. Older or current versions of MYOB “myo” file. The files required you to Roll the file – the most was 3 years of reports unless you roll. Each year you were asked to roll at the end of each financial year and the default was to also Purge transactions. (see below)
  2. MYOB “myox” files (from MYOB Account Right Live) created as new files during the past 5 years.
  3. MYOB myox files that have originated from previous myo files when customers have upgraded from the desktop version myo files to the Account Right Live versions (Since 2014)


MYOX files cannot be rolled or purged except by a third party provider. Some files can grow to over 2 GB in size and Jet Convert cannot convert these large files.  To check if your file can be reduced in size, contact or Jet can assist you. There are no guarantees to be able to reduce the file size.

MYO files or upgrade MYO to MYOX Files

MYOB has an inbuilt standard process of Rolling Financial Years. The process has changed only a little over years, but the principle remains the same and many businesses who convert from MYOB to Xero are disappointed that data no longer exists in their current MYOB file. Other desktop software do not have this limitation. Some desktop applications also allow users to purge data up to a certain point.

Xero does not have this limitation. All data. Up to 7 years is preserved in entirety.

MYOB keeps Financial Statement Data for the Current Year and the Prior Year. It keeps all transactions, except those that have been purged. Most users Purge prior year closed transactions at the time of FY rollover (this is the default setting). While MYOB will display the financial data for the prior year, if you go looking for the transactions, most of them will not be in the file due to purging at FY rollover. What you will see is a “greyed out” hyperlink and you cannot get back to that transaction.

Only prior year invoices that were closed after 30 June (or the last month of the financial year) will remain in the file.

Example of MYOB Process

What some users get caught is that MYOB also allows Purging at any time (not just as FY rollover).  Here is an example at the end of the 2015 year, and they have to roll the file to get reports for the “New” Current Financial Year. What can happen is as follows:

  • The System Administrator user rolls from 2015 to 2016 FY and chooses to Purge closed transactions from Prior Year.  MYOB sets LastPurgeDate to 1 July 2015.
  • The next year (12 months later) the user rolls from 2016 to 2017 FY and chooses to Keep closed transactions from Prior Year. MYOB leaves the Last Purge Date as 1 July 2015.
  • A little later the user (or bookkeeper) decides to Purge using File > Purge while on the Sales Command Centre.  All Closed Sales before 1 July 2016 are purged. User repeats for Purchases Command Centre and Accounts Command Centre. So now all closed transactions up to 1 July 2016 are purged, however MYOB does not update the LastPurgeDate as this is only updated when purging takes place in conjunction with a FY rollover.
  • Although MYOB shows LastPurgeDate as 1 July 2015, you will find most 2016 invoices are also missing from the file.

How Does Jet Convert Deal with This

At Package Selection we look at the Last Purge Date, and do not allow prior history. So you will not be able to select prior data.  However, we cannot determine if someone has purged data during the following 12 months. We convert the file. Then in the Quality Assurance process we discover missing data. There are 2 consequences.

  1. We will advise that you can have less history
  2. The conversion will be repeated, and therefore may take another 3 days.

We recommend to get prior years data using the premium Monthly Comparative Balances service, where there is any risk that data has been purged.

Note: Monthly Comparative Balances also may not have data from prior years when the .myo file is in the current year due to purging of the data.  In .myox files there will be data for some comparative monthly data depending on the age of the file, and whether the file had been upgraded from myo.

Warning  – (Repeated)

  • Do not purge your file. Ever. When you upgrade in MYOB or move to any other accounting software your data will have gone.
  • Do not Roll your file, and then “Un-Roll” it.  The transactions are gone.
  • While AccountRight Live (myox) files keeps all transactions, many customers will inadvertently roll or purge prior to upgrading to MYOX. At this conversion stage, history is lost and never gets migrated to the myox files.
  • While the system may say there is history, it has gone to the bit bucket in the sky!