Other considerations

Account numbers

The hyphen is removed from the number as part of the process, for example 4-1000 in MYOB becomes 41000 in Xero or 4.100 in Reckon comes across at 4100. Note Xero has a limit of 10 numbers, so if the source is longer it maybe truncated and will need to have a number to ensure it is unique.


Invoices or other documents attached within the source file do not convert. Only actual transactions will convert.

Bank Rules

These do not carry over. Simply set your Bank Rules up in Xero following conversion.

Billable Expenses

During the conversion we cannot allocate Billable expenses against Clients in Xero.  As a result this information needs to be updated post conversion.


These do not come across as part of a conversion.

Document numbers

The leading zeroes are removed from document numbers e.g. invoices, bills etc.


Estimates will not be converted.

Fixed asset Registers 

Fixed Asset Registers do not come across during the conversion.

Invoice numbers 

Due to the data mapping process there may be some discrepancies. Generally leading zeros are acceptable and are converted.

Jobs / Classes

Job opening balances are not created in Xero, the tracking commences at conversion date. If a file has less than 500 active Job/Category Codes in the source file we do convert the Jobs/Categories but aware that Xero does not recommend using more than 100 due to potential reporting performance issues.


As Xero does not accept locations we will be unable to convert this data.


Note field and descriptions are not converted.

Promo codes

From time to time Xero offer promotional codes for a discounted subscription.  It is at Xero’s discretion whether you can receive a free conversion and a discounted subscription.  Best to check with your Xero Account manager before starting a conversion with us to be sure.

At the moment until January 28 we can apply a promocode for a discounted subscription for MYOB New Zealand files.  Email support@jetconvert.com for more information.

Reckon Credit Card Transactions

During the conversion we cannot extract the credit card transactions as you would expect to see in Xero. The transaction line is extracted from Reckon however does not include a Tax amount. For example the transaction total is different to the sum of line amounts and during this time it is identified that the tax amount is missing. This tax information is extracted from a journal table then added to the transaction so that the sum of line amounts add up. This imports into Xero as two different transaction lines and due to how this information is extracted the gst portion may be allocated to GST on Income or GST on Expense. We will make GST adjustments in the file each quarter so that the GST Payable / Refundable will match the source file as at conversion date.

Reconversion fee

We reserve the right to charge you the cost of conversion if the Xero subscription is cancelled within 30 days of delivery. Please make sure you send us the up-to-date and correct file for conversion.

Recurring invoices, bills, payments and manual journals

Recurring Invoices, bills, scheduled payments and recurring manual journals do not come across as part of the conversion. You will need to enter these in Xero following conversion.


If you have set up reports in your source software then they will need to be recreated in Xero following conversion.

Sales and purchase accounts for contacts

Standard income and standard purchase accounts for contacts currently do not come across as part of the conversion.

Tax codes

We aim to convert tax codes in a per the source file though with Reckon sometimes the tax codes will all convert as BAS Excluded.  If you have created Custom Tax Codes we will make all attempts to use the closest fitting codes in Xero. There may be some variation as the information in the desktop software does not indicate the full intended treatment of a Custom Tax Code.

Note for Australian conversions we cannot convert the file if a tax code greater than 10% has been used in transactions.

Time billing / Activities

Please note Time-billing / Activities information will not be converted into Xero.

Trade Debtor/Creditors

There are system differences between accounting packages. A Xero integrity check forces us to enter invoices/bills equal to the Trade Debtors/Creditors balances on conversion date. Other systems may not enforce this, leading to a possible Out of Balance amount. If your Trade Debtors/Trade Creditors accounts had transactions in it that were not invoices or credit notes to import these transactions into Xero the changes need to be made to bring in the data. Please review our blog for additional information.

Xero does not allow journals to system accounts. Any Invoices or Bills that have been paid off via manual journals in the source file will need to be reviewed post conversion in Xero. You may need to apply payments against open Invoices/Bills if they had previously been paid in your source file. The balance in the Account Receivable/Payable Original account can be used to offset the open Invoices/Bills imported post conversion in Xero. If there has been excessive use of journals against system account in the source file we may not be able to complete the conversion with transactional history.

Transaction types that may lead to issues

Wherever possible we try to deliver the conversion with full transactional history as promised.  On occasions, if the following transaction types occur extensively we may only be able to provide a service with no or reduced history. In some instances it may prevent us from being able to complete the conversion at all.  If this occurs we will endeavor to advise you as soon as possible.

  • Manual journals to control accounts – Xero does not allow journals to control accounts. Where we encounter these transactions we use the conversion clearing account to replicate these journals in Xero.  However extensive use of journalling to control accounts is outside the scope of our automated service and we will advise if we encounter this in your file and the options available.
  • Tracked inventory – Xero does not manage tracked inventory the same way as QB does. We use monthly manual journals to balance these transactions out.  However if we encounter a large volume of complex tracked inventory transactions it falls outside the automated service.  We will advise if we encounter this in your file and the options available.
  • Multiple Accounts Receivable / Accounts Payable accounts – Xero only allows for one system Account for each Accounts Receivable / Accounts Payable. Where possible we will merge multiple Accounts Receivable / Payable accounts to conform with Xero’s functionality. However if there are many, or complex, AR / AP accounts in the source file we will not be able to complete the conversion.