Quickbooks Desktop versions converted

22 May Quickbooks Desktop versions converted

Quickbooks file conversions are free of charge courtesy of Xero.

Versions we can convert

  • USA Windows Quickbooks Desktop versions including Pro, Premier or Enterprise to the latest version (currently 2019).
  • USA Macintosh version – you will have to export to a qbb file as explained on the Intuit site here.
  • Files to provide include QBB or .QBW files up to 800 MB in size (compressed .QBM files will show a smaller file size than it actually is). A fee applies for file size grater than 350MB.

We cannot convert yet Quickbooks for other territories – e.g. Australia or Asia as the taxes are handled differently in both Quickbooks and Xero.

For our recommendations on how to prepare the Quickbooks file please follow the link here.


  • Multi-currency conversions are not currently supported. USD will be the base currency.
  • Advanced inventory (inventory tracking) is not supported
  • We do not yet convert payroll
  • Passwords. It helps if you can provide the file with the password removed but this is not possible with 2018 versions. Please make sure that if you have changed the name of the admin user to something else you change it back to Admin.

For more information on your Quickbooks file please visit the Intuit website.

Preparing the desktop file for conversions

Preparing the file ahead of time leads to a much better conversion experience.  For our recommendations on how to prepare the Quickbooks file please follow the link here.

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