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22 May Quickbooks Online

We are in the process of developing a full transactional history service for QBO which should be available by end Quarter 1 2019.  In the meantime we offer a balances only service which is fully subsidised by Xero.

  • US base currency only, multi-currency is not yet supported.
  • Payroll is not converted.


What is converted

  • Chart of Accounts as per QBO
  • All Contacts
  • Conversion balances as of the start of the month
  • Open invoices and bills.

Please visit our FAQs page for more detailed information as to how data converts or contact us for more information.


Restrictions on QBO conversions

  • Recurring templates will not come across. You can set them up in Xero following conversion.
  • Customer credit card information is not exported out of QBO due to their security restrictions.
  • Estimates will not be converted.

Please visit our FAQs page for more information as to How Data Converts if your client has specific needs.


How to do a QBO conversion

Please go to this article for the full instructions on how to do the conversion.


Warning: Live files

Please note. Quickbooks Online is a live system with bankfeeds active. We will do our best to complete the conversion as fast as possible. If you have bankfees or automatic invoicing then accounts such as AR or AP or bank balances will change daily. We will deliver the Xero org based on the status of the QBO data when we gain access to your entity.

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