Reckon Versions Converted

Convert Australian Windows Reckon versions to Xero easily and quickly. Versions converted to Xero include both Reckon desktop and Reckon hosted and includes Pro, Premier, and Enterprise versions from 2013 to the latest release (2017). Quickbooks version 2012/13 (Australian released) can also be converted.

  • For Reckon Accountant version please save as general business version.
  • We cannot convert Reckon One.

At the moment this service is open to .QBB, .QBM and .QBW files.

  • Up to 800 MB, fee will apply for files greater than 350MB (this refers to the native Reckon file, the back up or zipped file will show a smaller size as it is compressed)
  • Not multi-currency
  • Cannot convert if the file uses WET/WEG

Check the FAQ on Reckon file preparation.