Repeating Invoices

Jet Convert does not convert from the desktop software recurring Invoices, bills, scheduled payments and recurring manual journals.

Presently the API for pushing this data into Xero is not available. One can get the information, but not post into Xero.  Therefore these recurring transactions are not converted.  The information will need to be entered into Xero following conversion. To complete this efficiently please see the available options below:

Option 1 – Locate a paid Invoice and set up as recurring 

Step 1: Under accounts select ‘Sales’
Step 2: Select the ‘All’ tab and locate a paid Invoice you would like to set up as recurring
Step 3: Once the Invoice has been opened select ‘options’ and ‘repeat’
Step 4: Follow the steps here for assistance

Option 2 – Export paid Invoices and re-import as drafts then set up as repeating

Step 1: Under accounts select ‘Sales’
Step 2: Select the ‘All’ tab and search for a period in which the recurring Invoices have been paid.
Step 3: Export the Invoices into the Xero preferred Invoice template
Step 4: Customise the Invoices and re-import as a draft please see here
Step 5: Once reviewed you can set the Invoices up as repeating following the steps here.

For your reference what does and does not convert is described on our website FAQ on what data comes across .