What support can I expect during the conversion process?

Conversion process

The conversion is as easy as Ready, Jet, Go.  Watch our short video for an overview of the steps you will follow.  We are here to help you through these steps, which can be a bit daunting – especially if it is your first time.  
Below please see your support options as you move through the conversion process, depending on the package you select.


Prior to converting your file we encourage you to get in touch to discuss your conversion needs.  You can email us at solutions@jetconvert.com or give us a call:

  • Australia: 1800 77 00 35 (9:00am to 5pm AEST Queensland time)
  • New Zealand: +61 7 5334 1222 (midday to 8pm NZ time)
  • USA: 1-800-610-3384 (4pm to late Pacific Time Zone, Monday – Thursday)

You can also read How data converts on our FAQs page.  This is recommended reading if you have data needs such as payroll, inventory or jobs/classes/categories.  It also covers how transactions, the Chart of Accounts and Contacts convert.

Finally make sure that you follow the pre-conversion checklist which can be downloaded from our website home page.

During the conversion

Email support@jetconvert.com and we generally get back to you within 4-6 business hours.

For real-time assistance go to our website and hop onto chat (bottom right-hand side of the web page).  Our team are available during Queensland business hours to help you out on the spot.

Out of business hours simply click on the Need help? menu on our website to access the extensive knowledgebase.  The answer to most questions can be found here.

If you Sign Up to the support portal on the Need Help page you can see all of your communications with Jet Convert support in one place. 

If you have selected an Insight or Accelerate package you can also call the sales phone line on the contact numbers above during Queensland business hours.

Post conversion

Our software applies over 100 different rules and functions to deal with software platform differences and accounting practice variations.  This may mean the way the data is presented may not be exactly as it was in the source file.  However, rest assured we do not deliver any Xero orgs unless they pass our strict QA checks.

It is very important that you work through the conversion Action Checklist once you have received the Xero subscription.  Contact support@jetconvert.com if you need to be sent another copy of the Action checklist.

We aim to provide a positive conversion experience so please contact us as soon as you have any queries regarding the converted data. For us to best assist it is important that you contact us with your questions prior to making changes in the Xero org. Our ability to effectively investigate your data queries may be compromised if you have been working in Xero and amended the data as originally supplied at completion of the conversion. The longer you have worked in Xero the more the integrity of the data is impacted.  For us to be able to properly investigate your query please notify us of any data discrepancies within 7 business days of your receiving the Xero org.

If you have any data related questions we have an expert team of qualified accounting professionals dedicated to technical advice.  Email support@jetconvert.com and we generally get back to you within 24 hours.  We will need the following to quickly and effectively investigate your question:

1. Screen shots of how the data appears in the source file prior to conversion and also how it appears differently in Xero

2. Access to your Xero org if we have been removed, please invite us as an adviser with payroll access:

Name:  Jet Convert
Email address:  support@jetconvert.com

Instructions on how to give access to another user

3. If errors exist as a result of the conversion process, we will rectify these at no charge, providing you have followed the steps outlined in the conversion Action Checklist, and you notify us of any discrepancy within 7 business days of you receiving your Xero org.

PLEASE NOTE: we do not offer support when errors result from data being amended or deleted post conversion impacting data integrity as delivered. We can reconvert the file (for a fee) or recommend a Xero certified trainer who may assist you.

You can also click on the Need help? menu on our website to access our extensive knowledgebase.  You can get an immediate answer to many conversion data related questions here.

If you have selected an Accelerate package, we will deal with your support enquiry within 24 hours.  All other packages should expect a response within 48 hours.

Assistance in using Xero

The Xero self-help centre has an extremely comprehensive and easy-to-use knowledge database.

Alternatively you can contact the Xero support team via support.xero.com.  You will need to be logged in to Xero to post your support request.

If you would like some personal assistance, we have teamed up with a leading Xero Advisor to provide Xero training for Australian customers.  You can register interest in Xero training via our website.