What if we cannot convert your file?

What if we cannot convert the data in full?

Even after 20,000 conversions our automated software can fail to convert full history. It is less than 2% with MYOB. With Reckon it is 5%. In the case of Sage 50 (Peachtree) it is currently 1%. Our target is 97% conversion.

We will advise if unable to complete your conversion. In these cases we may offer the following options:

  • Choose to convert but select a balances only conversion without open invoices and bills.
  • Convert, but minimize history to just the current month. Outstanding payables and receivables are brought into Xero.
  • Delay conversion until non peak time when we can investigate and either provide a manual fix or implement a rule which deals correctly with this incorrect user input, and create the correct transactions in Xero.

The reasons for being unable to convert vary but usually it is due to non-standard accounting practices in the source data. Sometimes there is just “weird stuff” in the desktop software files and conversion fails. If there are too many transactions to fix manually a software fix is required which can take time to develop, test, integrate into the production system.