What should I NOT do before conversion?

  • Do not change any account types in your desktop software before the conversion.
  • Do not start a Xero subscription prior to the conversion!
    • We set up an entirely new Xero org for you based on the file sent to us.
    • Conversion to a Xero 30 day free trial is not available with this service.
  • Do not purge any history. If history is reduced in the source file it may impact the amount of history we can deliver to you in Xero.

Optional – We recommend leaving the chart of accounts, items and card details (for suppliers, customers and employees) untouched in and cleaning them up once they are in Xero. The reason is two-fold:

  • Faster and Easier.  Archiving contacts and deleting or editing items in Xero. It can be done in bulk (such as find and recode) with an easy overview.
  • Audit Trail. For accounts, it gives you a clear audit trail when journaling account balances and archiving accounts in Xero.

Technically, the conversion needs contacts, accounts and items as they were when they were created in the original desktop software. That means we have to re-create them, even if you have made them inactive in your desktop software; you will need to do the work to archive them again in Xero following conversion.