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Important Information for Legal Professionals Looking For the Simplest Way to…

Accurately Convert Your Clients’ Bank Statements To Searchable CSV Files

In Just 3 Business Days, Error-Free ...

So You Can Easily Locate, Research, Analyse and
Present Client Financial Data

Pay Only $110 For Your Conversion, Including 20 Pages.

Covers multiple accounts if needed. Additional pages are $2.20 each.


A Trusted Supplier

An Australian based company that’s converted 70,000 paper and PDF bank statements to digital files.

Fast Delivery, Guaranteed

Your conversion will be completed in just 3 business days, or you get your money back.

Unlock Valuable Insights

Get deeper insights and clarity from your clients’ financial history, so you can provide more value, faster.

How The Conversion Process Works

Step 1: Upload

Upload your PDF statements or mail them to us and we will scan them for you (scanning fee applies)

Step 2: Conversion

Our advanced conversion process converts your statements, and double-checks for accuracy

Step 3: Download

Your digitised statements are delivered to you via email, in CSV and OFX format.

A Faster, More Accurate Way to Get Valuable
Insights From Paper Bank Statements

Fast, easy access to accurate information is critical, especially during a messy divorce or a
company acquisition or dissolution. Without it, an entire case can be jeopardised.

  • Like many Legal Professionals, do you sometimes find it hard to locate, research and analyse financial data because it’s not properly digitised?
  • Are you struggling to manually cross-check printed or PDF bank statements and wish you could easily enter them into a spreadsheet or accounting program for fast analysis?
  • Are you and your staff wasting time trying to manually scan bank statements without making errors?
  • Have you tried automatic conversion services but experienced challenges because they can’t convert statements that have been scanned, notated or redacted?
  • Are you looking for a simple way to accurately convert your client’s bank statements to CSV files so you can easily locate, research, analyse and present client financial data?
  • Are you planning on moving completely to the cloud, which requires the transfer of all of your clients’ historical data?
  • Or perhaps your time is better spent on higher hourly-rate work, and you need a reliable, proven partner to convert bank statements (so you can better leverage your time... and make your firm more profitable)?

Pay Only $110 For Your Conversion, Including 20 Pages.
Covers multiple accounts if needed. Additional pages are $2.20 each.


How Jet Convert Helps Legal
Professionals Extract Valuable Insights From
Bank Statements

Over the last 5 years the team at Jet Convert has helped many professionals convert thousands of bank statements to CSV so they can quickly and easily locate, research, analyse and present client financial data.

Unlike other conversion services that can only transfer text-based PDFs, Jet Convert has the technology to convert any readable bank statement, as long as they are in the English language and one currency. We specialise in scanned, notated or redacted documents.

Our double QA process of automated and manual checking ensures 100% accuracy.

And for easy input in spreadsheets, descriptions that bleed over multiple lines are converted back to a single line in your CSV file.

Pay Only $110 For Your Conversion, Including 20 Pages.
Covers multiple accounts if needed. Additional pages are $2.20 each.


Works with Any Human-Readable
PDF Single Currency Statement

(even scanned, notated and redacted)

Automated and Manual Double
Check for Error-Free Conversion

Statements Converted in Just 3
Business Days Guaranteed
(Or You Get Your Money Back)

Extract More Insights From Your
Digitised Financial History

Run Pivot Tables And Conduct The
Forensic Accounting Your Clients Need

Accurately Converted to CSV and
OFX Files from Just $2.20 per page

We convert your paper bank statements, too

Are your clients’ statements provided to you as piles of paper? Are you stuck because you don’t have a document scanner or the time to fuss with it? Jet Convert’s paper statement conversion process can handle the entire process for you. For only $25 extra:

Mail your statements with this coversheet to us at the following address:

Jet Convert PDF conversions
PO Box 197
Noosa Heads
QLD 4567

We will scan and convert them using our specially designed conversion process

Your digitised bank statements as CSV/OFX files will be sent to your designated email address

Your original documents will be securely shredded

The three business day turnaround begins as soon as you make payment via our website.

You’re Backed By A Triple Conversion Guarantee

For Security And Peace Of Mind

Guarantee #1

We will conduct comprehensive auto and manual Quality Assurance checks to ensure 100% accurate, error-free conversion.

Guarantee #2

We will conduct statement checks, page checks and balance checks so you can be sure everything converted perfectly.

Guarantee #3

We will convert your bank statements and supply you with CSV and OFX files in just 3 business days, or you get your money back.

Note, this does not apply to your courier services.

Before & After A Jet Convert Conversion

Comments From Our Clients

We’ve converted thousands of bank statements to digital files over the past 5 years. Here’s what some of
our clients say about their experience with Jet Convert and the time and money we’ve helped them save…

We recently used your service to convert PDF statements to CSV/OFX and it worked brilliantly. We were able to do what has previously taken about 6 days in 1 day.

Timothy Johnson
Operations Manager,
Progression Group

I love the service. It’s great, it works. If I have lots of bank statement data I wouldn’t do it any other way.

Melissa Newsome
Manager Xceptional
Business Consulting Group

We had 8 years of tax returns to catch up on with only bank statements to work off. Who wants to spend days entering into a cashbook into Xero when it can be so easy, and accurate at the same time.

Ross Griffiths
By The Numbers Accounting

Pay Only $110 For Your Conversion, Including 20 Pages.

Covers multiple accounts if needed. Additional pages are $2.20 each.

Ready To Have Your Bank Statements Converted?

Don’t waste time with manual conversions that always take longer than you think. Avoid costly
processing errors that cause even bigger problems. Follow these 3 simple steps and have your statements
converted to CSV and OFX in just 3 business days…

Step One

Upload your files using the Green ‘UPLOAD FILE NOW’ button. The initial page count should take just minutes. Alternatively, mail us your paper bank statements and we will scan them for you. 

Step Two

Payment is easy. Simply pay via credit card once the page count is complete for your bank statement digitisation to begin (You will have the option to cancel before making payment.)

Step Three

Within 3 business days you will receive an email with your double QA checked CSV and OFX files with a Completion Report with next steps.

Pay Only $110 For Your Conversion, Including 20 Pages.

Covers multiple accounts if needed. Additional pages are $2.20 each.