A history conversion option to suit every file

Updated September 2019


Some businesses do not want to bring over transactional history but instead want a clean start in Xero.  To address this need we now offer no or limited history options in addition to the usual conversion with full transactional history. Your options include:

  • Current month history only
  • $0 balances
  • Transactional history.

Just make sure when you get to your service selection page that you use the drop down arrow on the Transaction History line to select your desired service.

$0 Balances (All conversions)

Conversion Balances are set to $0 and you do not receive any open invoices or bills. You will receive:

You do not get any transactions, invoices, bills, credit notes, bank transactions, manual journals, payments. You also do not receive open invoices, bills or credit notes.

History Current Month 

Balances are set as of the last day of the previous month and all transactions start from the first of the month, ending wherever the MYOB file ends:

Transactional history is limited to current month only, but otherwise it is very similar to the full transactional history services.

Full Transactional History

As per usual you have the option for a transactional history conversion which include:

  • Bank transactions
  • Invoices
  • Quotes
  • Orders
  • Credit notes
  • Payments
  • Manual journals
  • Payroll entry
  • Contacts
  • Chart of Accounts
  • Items
  • Payroll setup (with balances, all employee details, pay items and templates- Australian files only)

Xero subsidises the current plus previous financial (fiscal) year so that they are free of charge. Their subsidy applies to all conversion packages to make them more affordable for you. 

You can choose the date the conversion starts by using the drop down arrow:

  • Start of current + 1 FY*
  • Start of current FY
  • Start of current FY + 2 previous FYs (Accelerate package only)*
  • Start of current FY + 3 previous FYs (Accelerate package only)*

*With MYOB files we can only convert transactions from the start of the financial year that the file has been set to.

Monthly Comparative Data

Even if the file has been rolled, we can access monthly comparative data as far back as we can read the data. This is available as part of the Accelerate and Custom conversion packages and Optional on a Standard package.

How do I select my history or balances option?

After we have analysed your file we send you an email asking you to select your conversion service. This could be within minutes or several hours of you uploading your file, depending on the data in the file.

In the email there is a link to your conversion status page from which you can select your desired conversion package and the history to come with it.

myob email select service

I hope all these options provide you with the data you need.

Please let me know what you think by posting a comment below!


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