Premium Options available

05 Aug Premium Options available

The standard conversion package is free courtesy of Xero who also subsidise the paid premium packages so you only pay the additional cost. These premium options enable you to get the most out of your accounting data when in Xero.

With any of these packages do not start a new organisation as we do that for you.


The STANDARD conversion package is free of charge courtesy of Xero in Australia, USA and New Zealand (for a limited time).  It is great for a fast and simple system change on a budget. With this package you receive:

More information on how data is converted.



The INSIGHT conversion package is subsidised by Xero to reduce the cost to you to only AU $110. It is great if you need to do advanced reporting over many past years and only need to see comparatives on a monthly or annual basis. With this package you receive:

  • Everything provided under the STANDARD package
  • The ability to choose how the bank accounts should be treated in Xero
  • An option to receive an additional year of transactional history, so you can get current plus up to 2 previous financial/fiscal years of transactions
  • Monthly comparative journals in the P&L and balance sheets back as far as we can read the data (note this is limited with Macintosh files)
  • Phone support pre-conversion.



The ACCELERATE conversion package is subsidised by Xero to reduce the cost to you to only AU $330. It is great if you want to receive the maximum amount of history possible, or you have a file that requires manual fixes.

  • Everything provided under the INSIGHT package
  • An option to receive additional years of transactional history if possible – you will see how much history is available to you when you get to your service selection page
  • Payroll setup for over 100 paid employees (Australia only)
  • Up to 500 jobs/classes
  • File size up to 800 MB
  • Phone support pre-conversion and phone call back support post conversion
  • Various file fixes including:



If you need to reconvert the same file within 30 days there is a reconversion fee of AU$220 which will be applied to all of the above packages.

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