The Process & Support Options

23 Feb The Process & Support Options

It’s as simple as Ready Jet Go!

We provide extensive support throughout the process depending on the level of services you choose:

  • ACCELERATE package – pre conversion phone support and phone call back support post conversion
  • INSIGHT package – pre conversion phone support and email support post conversion
  • INSIGHT package – email support pre and post conversion.

See below for an over view of the process.

Ready – Pre conversion

There are some recommendations on preparing the file for conversion on our FAQs page. There is also comprehensive information as to How Data converts on that same page.

You then upload your file through a simple webform. We do some checks of the file, and ask you to provide some information upfront.

Jet – Conversion

Our conversion tool reads the data directly from the source file, converts it with over 120 rules and pushes it directly into Xero.

While our conversion process is highly automated and systemised we check every conversion account by account to make sure the data has come across according to the information given on this page. We will fix, free of charge, any data that has not converted as described below.

Please allow up to 3 business days for MYOB conversions and up to 5 business days for all other conversion types.

Go – Get going in Xero!

You receive the Xero subscription when the conversion is complete and payment received (if applicable). You get a conversion specific checklist with recommended next steps.

Note that we reserve the right to charge you the cost of conversion if the Xero subscription is cancelled within 30 days of delivery. Please make sure you send us the up-to-date and correct file for conversion.

If you have any questions please contact us for more information.

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