Reckon File preparation

The cleaner your file – the smoother your conversion to Xero.

What not to do before uploading your Reckon file to Jet Convert:

  1. Do not start a Xero subscription. We will create a new Xero subscription for you. If you have already started a Xero subscription click here.
    NOTE: We can not convert to a trial version of Xero.
  2. Do not change any account types in Reckon prior to conversion.

BEFORE you upload your Reckon file to Jet Convert:

ESSENTIAL File Preparation:

ATTENTION: Please note if the Essential File Preparation is not completed prior to upload a reconversion charge may apply. If you are not comfortable processing the above steps we have approved trainers who regularly process conversion and can handle this process for you.

*WARNING: Some banks require credit cards to be set up as bank accounts in Xero in order to connect bank feeds. See here for more information.

  • Ensure that there are no duplicate names (including archived accounts) in the Chart of Accounts.
  • For example: Account no. 1234, description 'Motor Vehicle Expenses' and Account no. 1235 'Motor Vehicle Expenses'. As the two descriptions are the same you need to add a number or character to one to make them unique.
  • Remove the password for the Admin User
  • Set the closing date
  • Clean up the file by removing unwanted data
  • Terminate any employees not paid in the current financial year
  • Ensure all employees paid in the current payroll year as marked as active
  • Reconcile Accounts Payable using the AP Unpaid Bills Detail report
  • Reconcile Accounts Receivable using the Customer Balance Detail report
  • Ensure all invoices/bills and credit notes are still outstanding
  • Apply all credit notes unless current
  • Ensure that Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable and GST accounts do not have Account type as Bank Account.
  • Check that all employees have an accurate USI/SPIN

OPTIONAL File Preparation:

  • Check that the balances in all bank accounts and credit cards match the bank statements as of the last reconciliation date
  • Edit account numbers to be a maximum of 10 digits
  • Confirm that the AR/AP reconciliation report balance matches the balance in the General Ledger
  • Check how non-standard tax codes are treated
  • Ensure all clearing accounts are reconciled to NIL
  • Ensure all bank transactions you want converted are coded
  • Pay Superannuation to date through the Reckon file (if applicable)

NOTE: Where there are no Account numbers in the Reckon file we fill in the Chart of Accounts with system generated numbers. You can update these in Xero post conversion.


  1. Create a backup of the Reckon file.
  2. Upload the backup to
  3. Make your Package selection.
  4. Complete your bank account mapping (if applicable).