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Xero Journey With
Maximum Benefits


Xero With Business
Intelligence Data


Seamless Xero
Conversion On A Budget

All Standard & Insight package benefits PLUS:

  • Up to 2 additional FYs of transactional history
  • Front of queue priority service

All Standard package benefits PLUS:

*Subsidized by Xero

Basic Conversion Features

Basic Conversion Features, Inc.
Transaction History Or Balances Only

Full Audit Trail (In Case An Audit
Requires You To Search For Old Files)

Compatibility With Your Old Accounting Platform

Queue-Jump Priority

Front-Of-Queue Conversion Priority


Historical Data Import (For Growth Analysis)

Track Trends & Performance
From Year To Year

Maximise Detailed Invoice History

Access Previous Customer,
Supplier And  Stock Information

Business Accelerator Conversion Options

Get Large Files
350MB-800MB Converted

Your Investment, Per Conversion

US $330


US $110




* Xero subsidises every conversion by $220